Carmina canto non prius audita… (Hor. 3.1)

Well, while I was surfing the net, I found out an interesting blog to read, and run into a challenging post. It’s the first time, I remember,  a creative dialogue or a kind of that is carried out and it’s important to state that this is concluded in my firm beliefs. I don’t aim to criticise but to somehow prove that bogging isn’t a passive activity but it can also be interactive.

I am in favour of your terminology. You used the word “Religion” and I, to be more specific have to talk about “Theology”. It seems to me that there is a vast vacuum between these two notions. On the first hand, we are talking about an ideology, which imposes what is good and evil and which can not even be changed pertaining to the needs of its members. On the other hand, we are talking about a proposal of a modus vivendi which is achieved in a community of people. Theology doesn’t have to do with propaganda, crimes and so on, but with an eternal quest of Truth, not as a personal belief but as a common event. At this point, I think we can compare Theology with a metaphysical part of the tradition of peoples.

And here comes the poet. If you see the universe as a poet, an artist who satisfy their inspirations by developing  this vast universal chart, let us face the opposite. How about some poetry, which makes a new real world? And how about a poet, who signify and give meaning to this mass of stone and fire? And here comes another question: Does art imitates nature or the opposite?

Ancient attic Tragedy is a kind of that. Poets-philosophers have written  in their dramas , which are based in tradition myths, in a familiar way with all these that I have said before. Let’s see a part of “Oedipus the King”, a play written in 429 BC.

May destiny still find me winning the praise of reverent purity in all words and [865] deeds sanctioned by those laws of sublime range, called into life through the high clear aether, whose father is Olympus alone. Their parent was no race of mortal men, [870] no, nor shall oblivion ever lay them to sleep: the god is mighty in them, and he does not grow old.

Insolence breeds the tyrant. Insolence, once vainly stuffed with wealth [875] that is not proper or good for it, when it has scaled the topmost ramparts, is hurled to a dire doom, where one’s feet cannot serve to good advantage. But I pray that the god never [880] quell such rivalry as benefits the state. I will always hold the god as our protector.

But if any man walks haughtily in deed or word, [885] with no fear of Justice, no reverence for the images of gods, may an evil doom seize him for his ill-starred pride, if he does not gain his advantage fairly, [890] or avoid unholy deeds, but seeks to lay profaning hands on sanctities. Where such things occur, what mortal shall boast any more that he can ward off the arrow of the gods from his life? [895] No. For if such deeds are held in honor, why should we join in the sacred dance? No longer will I go reverently to the earth’s central and inviolate shrine, no more to Abae’s temple or to Olympia, [900] if these oracles do not fit the outcome, so that all mortals shall point at them with their fingers. [905] No, King—if this you are rightly called—Zeus all ruling, may it not escape you and your deathless power! The old prophecies concerning Laius are fading; already men give them no value, and nowhere is Apollo glorified with honors; [910] the worship of the gods is perishing.

(translation of Sir Richard Jebb, 1887)

This is my counter proposal: a poet who creates the world and not world- maker who behaves as a poet! So, let us speak about our creative work…


~ από σκοινοβάτης στο Απρίλιος 6, 2012.


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